April 2007
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Fieldbus report spring issue offers latest FOUNDATION information

Pepperl+Fuchs executive joins Foundation board

Hear end-user experiences in new podcast

Testing discount for enhanced DD-IDE devices

Licensing agreement expands training opportunities

Dates set for future developer training courses

Next stop: Long Beach—Seminar tour continues

End users flock to Norwegian conference

Dutch committee plans Fieldbus seminars

UK marketing committee chooses seminar site

ARC forum examines manufacturing strategies

Control system helps keep power plant project ahead of schedule

White paper outlines FOUNDATION Fieldbus basics

MooreHawke device coupler passes tests

NI software monitors fieldbus network traffic

Northwire fieldbus cable for rugged environments

R. Stahl I/O coupler ensures sensor, actor integration

Fieldbus Report spring issue offers latest FOUNDATION information

Information about the latest FOUNDATION technology developments, user experiences, and industry trends is available in the Spring 2007 issue of Fieldbus Report, an official publication of the Fieldbus Foundation, now available on the foundation Website. Articles in the current issue include:

  • Beyond the Bus: Open & Integrated Automation Infrastructure;
  • FOUNDATION Technology Growth Increases Worldwide;
  • Installation Costs: Fieldbus vs. Competitive Technologies;
  • Staying Ahead in Today's Emerging Digital World;
  • New Developments Advance Physical Layer Diagnostics;
  • Seminar Program Meets Educational Demand;
  • SIS Project Moves Ahead Thanks to Industry Support;
  • Fieldbus Provides Automation Solution at Memphis Zoo; and
  • Duke Energy Undertakes Largest Nuclear Plant Installation

Fieldbus Report also features a section called "Fieldbus Solution Highlights," that provides the latest FOUNDATION-compliant products and services from leading automation suppliers.

Click here to download a PDF of the spring issue of the Fieldbus Report.

Pepperl+Fuchs executive joins foundation board

Dr. Gunther Kegel, chief executive officer of Pepperl+Fuchs Mannheim, is the newest member of the Fieldbus Foundation board of directors. The Fieldbus Foundation, announced the appointment during a press briefing at the Interkama 2007 Trade Fair & Exhibition in Hannover, Germany.

Kegel joins other leading executives serving on the board. Other members Chairman John Berra of Emerson Process Management; Kenneth Deken, Rockwell Automation; David Eisner, Honeywell; Motofumi Matsumura, Fuji; Shuzo Kaihori, Yokogawa; Jim Porter, DuPont; Claude Ricaud, Schneider Electric; Ron Szanyi, ExxonMobil; Mark Taft, ABB; Hirozume Sone, Yamatake Corp., John Eva, Invensys; and Hans-Georg Kumpfmueller, Siemens AG.

Fieldbus Foundation President and CEO Richard Timoney congratulated Kegel on his selection to the foundation board of directors, saying: "Gunther Kegel brings a wealth of automation industry experience to his new post on our board. He will play an important role in helping guide the foundation's future and ensuring the continued growth of our technology around the world."

Kegel studied electrical engineering at the Technical University of Darmstadt in Darmstadt, Germany. After completing his doctoral thesis on the "Integration of sensor signals into robotic controls," he became a freelance engineering collaborator for several small-sized engineering companies. In 1990, he joined Pepperl+Fuchs Mannheim, a manufacturer of electronics for factory and process automation, as head of its pre-design department. He was subsequently named head of Pepperl+Fuchs' development department/factory automation and division factory automation, and later served as its deputy managing director. Since 2004, he has been chief executive officer.

In 2005, Kegel was named chairman of the Fieldbus Foundation's Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) Advisory Council. He also serves on the board of directors for the FDT Group AISBL and on the supervisory board of the Mannheim University of Applied Sciences. He is the author of numerous publications in the sensor and interface technology field, and holds positions in the ZVEI (central association of electrical and electronic industries in Germany) and on advisory boards of exhibition organizations.

For more information, visit the Pepperl+Fuchs and Fieldbus Foundation Websites.

Hear end-user experiences in new podcast

A new podcast discussing "Real-life Accounts of FOUNDATION Fieldbus Installations" is available for download from the Fieldbus Foundation Website. The first of its kind, the podcast was recorded during the foundation's 2007 General Assembly, Feb. 22 in Houston, TX. It offers insights into FOUNDATION technology history and implementation.

End users share with Peter Welander, process industries editor, Control Engineering magazine, their experiences implementing FOUNDATION integrated architecture in their plants. Participants include:

  • Mike Miller and Ray Price, Duke Energy, discussing fieldbus upgrades to the most heavily operated nuclear power plants in the United States;
  • Herman Storey, Shell Global Solutions, reflecting on SGS' history as an early implementer of the technology; and
  • John Rezabek, ISP Chemicals, detailing the practical benefits for day-to-day operations.

The podcast provides valuable information for those considering their first, or next, fieldbus project.

Click here to download the podcast.

Testing discount available for enhanced 5.0 DD devices using DD-IDE

The Fieldbus Foundation is offering a special discount to developers who purchase its new Device Description Integrated Development Environment (DD-IDE) and submit a FOUNDATION device using the latest 5.0 Device Description (DD) enhancements for registration testing.

The DD-IDE provides an easy-to-use application for developing, testing, and debugging DD files. It includes all the tools required to streamline the DD development process. Device developers no longer need a separate DD editor, tokenizer, and viewer because these applications are now combined in an integrated test and development environment.

The DD-IDE enables device developers to take advantage of the latest Electronic Device Description Language (EDDL) enhancements, and reduce time-to-market for new FOUNDATION product offerings. The DD-IDE provides the means to leverage enhanced EDDL, which standardizes the presentation of intelligent device information and improves graphical visualization and display capabilities for automation system users.

The DD-IDE is designed for fast, automatic code completion as the developer types code into DD project files. It provides DD 5 support (visualization and persistent data storage), including enhanced DD constructs such as charts, graphs, images, and waveforms for visualization; files for persistent storage of functional parameter data; and grids for vector data visualization and manipulation.

Developers will receive a 25% discount on the first day of testing (a $425 value per device) for all devices submitted with new 5.0 DD enhancements (including graphs/charts, persistent data storage, and bit map enhancements) using the DD-IDE.

Submission qualifications:

  • Company must have at least one license to the DD-IDE.
  • Device must be submitted for a new or re-registration campaign using ITK 5.0 (or greater). Discount does not apply to DD/CF self re-registration.
  • The Device Description must include the enhanced root menus (device_root_menu, process_variables_root_menu, and diagnostic_root_menu) for at least one transducer block (see section 4.5.4 of FF-901 Device Description Interoperability Specification for more details).
  • Device must complete testing by June 1, 2007.

E-mail questions to the Fieldbus Foundation.

To schedule a testing time based on this special offer, e-mail support@fieldbus.org.

Click here to order the DD-IDE.

Licensing agreement expands fieldbus training opportunities

Two Fieldbus Foundation certified fieldbus training centers—Fieldbus Center at Lee College (Baytown, TX) and Tri-State University (Angola, Indiana)—have agreed to share fieldbus training resources. The licensing agreement is expected to expand FOUNDATION technology instructional opportunities across the U.S.

The alliance gives Tri-State University (TSU) the right to use Fieldbus Center course materials and other intellectual property in its training curriculum. The facilities will also collaborate on future educational development work, construction of lab facilities and demonstration equipment, and scheduling of fieldbus training classes.

Fieldbus Foundation President and CEO Rich Timoney welcomed the license agreement, the first of its kind in the industry. "This agreement is a 'win-win' situation for both facilities and will benefit automation suppliers and end users nationwide," he said. "The alliance will result in a wider range of certified FOUNDATION training opportunities, as well as enhanced instructional content and methods of delivery."

According to John Pittman, chairman of the TSU board of trustees, the license agreement will enable TSU to provide state-of-the-art fieldbus educational courses to the Great Lakes region. The TSU Technology Center (TSU Tech) currently offers certificate, certification, and degree programs in four areas: applied plastic, computer technology, entrepreneurship, and emerging technologies.

TSU's regional FOUNDATION fieldbus training center began in response to the rapid adoption of the technology in major global industrial markets. The site joined existing certified fieldbus training centers located in Beijing, China; Tokyo, Japan; Brielle, The Netherlands; Baytown, Texas, USA; Calgary, Alberta, Canada; and Singapore.

"TSU will benefit from its alliance with the Fieldbus Center at Lee College, which is recognized for high-quality training solutions focused on FOUNDATION technology," said Pittman. "In addition to a million dollar pilot plant, the Fieldbus Center at Lee College has developed a portable MicroPlant design allowing instructional courses to be conducted at remote sites using actual fieldbus instruments, and employing smaller-scale process operations. No other educational organization offers a comparable remote fieldbus training capability. Under our license agreement, TSU will employ the same MicroPlant equipment in its remote fieldbus training classes."

Fieldbus Center Director Chuck Carter also praised the agreement, calling it, "another step forward in meeting the growing market demand for fieldbus education." He added, "We look forward to working with a respected institution like TSU to advance our certified fieldbus training programs. Our philosophy is based on the tenet that people learn best by seeing and doing. To achieve this end, our curriculum is weighted heavily in hands-on training and set in a realistic industrial environment. We are also a unique source of fieldbus training which allows end users to learn about the full capabilities of the technology in a non-vendor specific setting."

For educational institutions, achieving Fieldbus Foundation certification is a multi-stage process involving rigorous procedures for gaining certified training site status, and for certifying course instructors and curriculum. Certified training centers are required to maintain multiple hosts and devices onsite in order to demonstrate competence with FOUNDATION technology. They are also audited to ensure their course material adheres to set instructional standards.

Certified instructors are audited to ensure they have achieved specified Fieldbus Foundation training goals. Instructors must demonstrate expertise in areas such as human-machine interface (HMI) tools, fieldbus troubleshooting, simple device configuration, and device deployment and functionality across a fieldbus network.

For more, visit the Website of the Fieldbus Center at Lee College and Tri-State University.

Dates set for future developer training courses

Developer training courses are set for Austin, TX, and Brielle, The Netherlands in May and July. Sign up now to attend one of these courses and further your education in fieldbus technology enhancements.
The schedule includes:

Course Location Date Early registration deadline
(15% discount)
Final registration
Introduction to FOUNDATION Fieldbus Brielle,
The Netherlands
May 22, 2007 March 27, 2007 May 1, 2007
Advanced Principles of FOUNDATION Fieldbus Brielle,
The Netherlands
May 23-25, 2007 March 27, 2007 May 1, 2007
Introduction to FOUNDATION Fieldbus Austin, TX, USA July 17, 2007 May 21, 2007 June 25, 2007
Advanced Principles of FOUNDATION Fieldbus Austin, TX, USA July 18-20, 2007 May 21, 2007 June 25, 2007

Course descriptions:

Introduction to FOUNDATION Fieldbus

This one-day, vendor-neutral course is designed for developers, end users, marketing professionals, applications engineers, system integrators, and others interested in obtaining a fundamental knowledge of FOUNDATION technology. Students will become familiar with the basic concepts and new terminology related to the FOUNDATION integrated architecture. The technology introduces new terminology that control personnel must be confident with if they intend to be successful. Students will learn key strategies for wiring and installing a fieldbus network. Special emphasis will be placed on design issues such as power requirements, device types, and topologies.

Click here for more information.

Advanced Principles of FOUNDATION Fieldbus

This three-day, vendor-neutral course is designed for manufacturers and developers of FOUNDATION hardware and software. It is intended for development engineers, test engineers, and those who wish to understand the detailed, inner workings of a FOUNDATION device. The course covers major tools used by fieldbus device developers. Students will learn bus monitor basics and apply this tool in interactive exercises demonstrating fieldbus communications and the use of filters for network troubleshooting.

Click here for more information.

Register now for a developer training course.

Review all course agendas and other course dates.

Next stop: Long Beach, CA—Seminar tour continues

Next stop for the Fieldbus Foundation's series of free educational seminars for 2007 is Long Beach, CA. Scheduled for May 3, 2007, the one-day instructional event for end users and engineering firms describes how FOUNDATION technology is "Changing the Playing Field" for industrial automation.

The seminar presentation and demonstration focuses on the FOUNDATION automation infrastructure: open scalable integration, process integrity, and business intelligence. Local end users will present case studies about their experiences with the technology.

Be sure to sign up to attend!

Click here to register.

Click here for more information on upcoming seminars.

NOTE to End Users: Would you like to share your story about FOUNDATION technology? If you are interested in speaking at an upcoming seminar, e-mail marketing@fieldbus.org

End users flock to Norwegian "Fieldbus in Industry" conference

A two-day fieldbus conference organized by the Norwegian industry association for electrotechnology and automation (IFEA) offered end users, contractors, and suppliers the opportunity to listen to technical presentations and end-user experiences. The event was held at the Park Hotel in Sandefjord, Norway, March 21-22, 2007.

The seminar program included 15 speakers from suppliers of fieldbus systems and technology, as well as FOUNDATION technology end users. With a conference focus of "Fieldbus in Industry," the presentations considered several aspects of general fieldbus application experiences as well as such specific topics as fieldbus and safety systems, remote I/O, and wireless solutions.

Roger Highton, representing Fieldbus Foundation-EMEA Operations, spoke on "FOUNDATION Fieldbus technology expanding across the globe." The presentation looked at how several global companies have applied FOUNDATION technology based on the CAPEX savings potential and OPEX savings.

The 40 attendees also visited Pronova Biocare, a biotechnology plant in Sandefjord. Pronova Biocare has used FOUNDATION technology for several years, initially implementing a modest system, then following it with two large-scale installation projects. Engineers at the plant found the additional diagnostics information from the fieldbus system useful, particularly for demonstrating the causes of process problems to operators. Often a problem is assumed to be an instrumentation problem, when it is actually a process problem requiring a different action.

A dinner on the first night of the event provided a relaxed forum for discussions and the sharing of application experiences.

More information about the IFEA is available on its Website.

For more information about EMEA events and seminars, e-mail emea_euc@fieldbus.org.

Dutch marketing committee plans Fieldbus seminars

Fieldbus Foundation Nederland, the Fieldbus Foundation's Dutch National Marketing Committee, is planning a series of late afternoon FOUNDATION technology seminars to be held in the region during April. The seminars will provide an introduction to FOUNDATION fieldbus and overview of the technology and its practical implementation. The presentations are free, and target end users and contractors considering the implementation of FOUNDATION fieldbus and those who may have more experience with the technology.

Three seminars are scheduled: April 18 at Hotel van der Valk, Stein; April 24 at Hotel van der Valk, Assen; and April 25 at Hotel Carlton Oasis, Spijkenisse. They will run from 4.00 to 7.30 p.m. and will include refreshment breaks. The Dutch marketing group anticipates the time of the seminars will prove very convenient for attendees.

The program will start with a short overview, including information about FOUNDATION technology, the Fieldbus Foundation organization, useful Websites, and information about further training.

The second part will look at the technical aspects of FOUNDATION fieldbus and how the technology addresses, and relates to, Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS), OPC applications, High Speed Ethernet (HSE), Field Device Tool/Device Type Management (FDT/DTM), Electronic Device Description Language (EDDL), and diagnostics in field instruments and host systems.

The third session takes the adoption of FOUNDATION technology further and demonstrates the CapEx and OpEx savings achievable through the implementation of fieldbus, as well as the overall benefits of improved diagnostics and integration with the plant enterprise.

The meeting will conclude with a Q&A session that gives attendees the opportunity to question experts in FOUNDATION technology and its implementation.

Register for the seminars here.

Click here to download a seminar flyer (Dutch language)

For more information, visit the Dutch pages on the Fieldbus Foundation Website. Or e-mail ffn@fme.nl or telephone +31 (079) 353 13 49.

For more information about the End User Council, e-mail emea_euc@fieldbus.org.

UK marketing committee chooses site for next seminar

The next series of UK end-user seminar will take place in the City of Manchester football stadium on Tuesday, May 22, 2007, the Fieldbus Foundation UK National Marketing Committee (FF UK NMC) announced recently.

The free seminar targets end users, contractors, specifiers, and implementers of FOUNDATION fieldbus and will provide material for new and experienced FOUNDATION technology users in a comprehensive program of presentations. Topics to be addressed include fieldbus economics and project control; the implementation of asset management; and the latest technical developments such as physical layer diagnostics, fault tolerant segment design, High Speed Ethernet (HSE), and device interoperability using enhanced Electronic Device Description Language (EDDL).

Material will have a strong end-user focus. Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in question-and-answer-sessions that allow implementers of FOUNDATION technology to share and discuss installation experiences. A tour of the Manchester City grounds and facilities offered at this famous sports venue will be offered as well.

To register for the City of Manchester UK end-user seminar, e-mail: kgooch@mtl-inst.com or telephone 07710 638474.

For more information about the FF UK NMC and other events, contact uk_info@fieldbus.org.

For more about the End User Council, e-mail emea_euc@fieldbus.org.

ARC forum examines 'Winning strategies for global manufacturers'

"Winning Strategies for Global Manufacturers," ARC Advisory Group's 15th annual forum will take place on June 25-27, 2007, in Boston, MA. The Dedham, MA-based manufacturing research and advisory firm's forum will address critical manufacturing business challenges through informative, focused sessions.

According to ARC, achieving winning performance has never been more difficult for manufacturing enterprises. Customer needs and regulatory requirements seem to change on a daily basis. Competitors aggressively attack markets with new products and raise the performance bar with innovative services and aggressive pricing. In this environment, agility and continuous improvement have become basic management tenets as manufacturers strive to maintain cost leadership and competitive advantage.

The ARC forum will describe how product design, plant design, operational excellence, asset management, and supply chain synchronization are all critical to enterprise performance. Manufacturers need to understand and exploit new strategies, technologies, and practices to keep up with competitors.

Get more information or register for the event here.

Control system helps keep power plant project ahead of schedule

Thanks in part to the successful implementation of Emerson Process Management's Ovation® expert control system, China's Zouxian Power Plant Unit 7 successfully completed its 168-hour performance test roughly nine months ahead of schedule. Completion of the test is a significant milestone for new plants coming online.

In early 2006, Emerson won a contract to install its PlantWeb® digital plant architecture with Ovation and FOUNDATION fieldbus technology at two new 1,000-MW ultra-supercritical units. The Zouxian Phase IV project 7 represents the first installation of FOUNDATION fieldbus device technology for monitoring and controlling processes at a power generation facility in China.

When Phase IV is completed, the Zouxian Power Plant, located in the Shangdong Province, is expected to be the largest coal-fired plant in China. Emerson's comprehensive control solution for Phase IV includes 64 redundant controllers, 24 Ovation workstations, AMS™ Suite asset management software, and more than 130 FOUNDATION fieldbus intelligent devices. The Ovation system will manage nearly 30,000 I/O points and provide data acquisition, control and monitoring of the boilers, and balance of plant processes.

For more information, visit the PlantWeb Website.

White paper outlines FOUNDATION Fieldbus basics

A new white paper from MooreHawke, a division of Moore Industries-International Inc., explains in terms any engineer, technician, or operator can understand how fieldbus works. "Introduction to Fieldbus," a concise, 8-page bulletin, strips away jargon and confusing terminology. It covers:

  • The advantages of using fieldbus networks;
  • The elements of fieldbus: H1 cards, power conditioners, segments, spurs, device couplers, and segment terminators;
  • How fieldbus device couplers work;
  • How fieldbus instruments connect to a segment;
  • How short-circuit protection works and why it sometimes doesn't let users install 32 devices on a segment;
  • Issues of using fieldbus devices in hazardous areas;
  • Methods for setting up a redundant fieldbus segment to create "high-availability" networks; and
  • How to justify the implementation of a fieldbus network.

Get more information from the Moore Industries-International Inc. Website.

MooreHawke device coupler passes independent short-circuit tests

TrunkGuard fieldbus device coupler from MooreHawke, a division of Moore Industries, has passed tests confirming its short-circuit capabilities and demonstrating compatibility with Emerson Process Management's DeltaV FOUNDATION fieldbus systems under the worst possible conditions.

Testing was performed by Evaluation International, which said that the product continued to operate and maintain communications with the DeltaV system after multiple short circuits on spurs, temperatures from -40 to 70°C, and operation at voltage limits. "The DeltaV system showed no diagnostic error messages relating to repeated and multiple operation of TrunkGuard's spur short-circuit protection," reported Ian Ramsay-Connell of Evaluation International.

Scott Saunders, VP at Moore Industries, said the tests were conducted to prove that TrunkGuard performs as advertised. "We wanted an independent agency to confirm that the unique short-circuit protection in TrunkGuard passes interoperability tests," said Saunders.

Tests by Evaluation International confirm what MooreHawke has seen demonstrated during customer testing: When a spur is short-circuited, segment voltage actually increases because TrunkGuard removes the shorted device from the segment. This means that multiple short circuits on a segment cannot deprive other instruments of power and cause a complete segment failure, as with conventional device couplers.

Get more information from the Moore Industries-International Inc. Website.

NI software monitors FOUNDATION fieldbus network traffic

NI-FBUS Monitor, introduced by National Instruments, is a 32-bit Microsoft Windows application for monitoring traffic on FOUNDATION fieldbus networks. The product requires a National Instruments fieldbus interface device to connect to an H1 network.

With the NI-FBUS Monitor, users can selectively capture and view different types of data packets on the fieldbus. These packets are time-stamped and displayed in real time in an active packet view. NI-FBUS Monitor can display data packets in decoded format or in hexadecimal format. It also can filter out unwanted data packets at three levels: Fieldbus Data Link layer (FDL), Fieldbus Messaging Specification layer (FMS), or by fieldbus address.

The system diagnostics tool is also an invaluable tool for instrument vendors who are developing and debugging new device implementations.

Some features of the NI-FBUS Monitor include:

  • Live and logged data display;
  • Fully-configurable multi-window display;
  • Flexible fieldbus packet filtering;
  • Fieldbus statistics;
  • Compatibility with all National Instruments H1 interfaces; and
  • Live list display

Click here to learn more from the National Instruments Website.

Northwire fieldbus cable designed for H1 networks in rugged environments

DataCELL FOUNDATION fieldbus cable from Northwire Inc., a leading manufacturer of cable for industrial networking, is intended for H1 networks in rugged plant environments using networked process automation and control.

Northwire says it offers the only FOUNDATION fieldbus network cable rated for ITC/PLTC exposed-run (ER) applications. The feature lets users eliminate conduit when the cable is installed according to National Electrical Code (NEC) amendments. The NEC was changed recently to permit exposed-runs of certain ITC/PLTC. Metal-clad cable or conduit is no longer required, resulting in significant material and installation cost savings.

The DataCELL Field line includes more than a dozen FOUNDATION fieldbus cable versions, including arctic-rated H1 multi-rated for ITC/PLTC and marine shipboard. DataCELL cable complies with FOUNDATION fieldbus H1 specification for ISA SP-50 type "A." It is available in 18 AWG shielded twisted pair with a foil or braided shield, with or without ground wire, and multi-pair versions. PVC and TPU jackets are resistant to oil, sunlight, and water, and come in standard and custom colors/versions. DataCELL cable ships in 15 days or less direct from the factory and in bulk quantities of 1,000 ft. minimum.

Arrange for a free sample on the Northwire Website or call 877-210-9945.

R. Stahl I/O coupler ensures sensor, actor integration

Enabling an effective connection of intrinsically safe binary signals in a FOUNDATION fieldbus environment, R. Stahl's new explosion-proof digital I/O coupler for the ISbus system ensures a direct and consistent integration of basic sensors and actors. The device is suitable for use in Zone 1 and Zone 2.

Besides eight channels for NAMUR specification or EN 60947-5-6 compliant Ex i input signals, four high-performance Ex i outputs are available. The coupler can be used to connect proximity switches, contacts, indicator lights, and, most notably, a wide range of magnetic valves. Up to four Ex i magnetic valves, including two position feedback signals each, can be directly integrated into a FOUNDATION fieldbus H1 network. Extensive function block support ensures that such solutions benefit from powerful FOUNDATION technology features. The coupler provides not only DI, DO, MDI, and MDO functions, but also advanced functions such as AI for frequency signals; CI for counters; and AND, OR, and NOT operators for logical interconnections of inputs and outputs.

The Type 9413 coupler comes in a plastic or stainless steel enclosure. Wire breaks and short circuits are monitored on all channels and diagnostic messages are reported via the bus. Each output channel delivers a starting current of 30 mA, as well as 15 mA holding current during regular operation. Types with status LEDs for all single inputs and outputs, as well as the bus and power lines, are optionally available. R. Stahl supplies 2-wire or 4-wire models fed via the non-intrinsically fieldbus. The 4-wire coupler can also be used with a separate power supply on an intrinsically safe FISCO bus.

Learn more by visiting the R. Stahl Website.


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