October 2007
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Fieldbus Foundation joins wireless technology cooperative effort

Podcast: Users describe experiences with FOUNDATION technology

Latest "Fieldbus Report" offers wealth of information

New marketing committee to promote FOUNDATION technology in Norway

Foundation board adds Schneider Electric executive

Host Test Kit improves host-to-device integration

Fieldbus display, seminars planned for JEMIMA in Tokyo

Global events calendar: Plan now to attend Fieldbus Foundation events

Last chance for 2007: Educational seminar set for Greenville, SC

Global markets focus of upcoming ARC Advisory Group forum

ABB's System 800xA helps Alunorte Brazil boost production

Emerson chosen to automate BP chemical facility in China

Invensys' Field Device Manager simplifies commissioning

MooreHawke joins Emerson Process Management's alliance program

MTL's SmartPlant cuts fieldbus segment design costs

NI LabView environment helps develop fieldbus applications

Northwire's DataCell cable suited for rugged environments

P+F segment protectors safeguard trunk communication

Turck I/O management solution is low cost

Fieldbus Foundation joins wireless technology cooperative effort

The Fieldbus Foundation is joining with the HART Communication Foundation and Profibus Nutzerorganisation e.V. (PNO) to launch a cooperative initiative for wireless technology in the manufacturing and process industries. The new project is an extension of the organizations' successful collaboration on Electronic Device Description Language (EDDL) and another step to deliver consistent functionality to automation end users.

As part of the initiative, the three organizations will develop a specification for a common interface to a wireless gateway. The work will be based on the WirelessHART technology of the HART Communication Foundation and the emerging ISA SP100.11a standard. The project will include development of use cases, requirements, and specifications for wireless communication with intelligent field devices in process measurement and control applications in the automation industries. As with the EDDL effort, the three groups have also agreed to develop a common set of compliance guidelines for incorporation into their respective product registration processes.

Introducing wireless technology into the manufacturing and process industries will require suppliers, end users, and international standards bodies to address a number of technical issues. The Fieldbus Foundation, HART, and Profibus organizations are working together to establish a common, open standard while insuring compatibility with the existing wired versions of each participant's technology. The intent of the collaboration is to facilitate the acceptance of wireless technology in industrial automation.

For future updates on this project, please visit www.fieldbus.org.

Podcast: Users describe experiences with FOUNDATION technology

A podcast from the Fieldbus Foundation describes fieldbus end-user experiences in the process industries. "Changing the Playing Field with FOUNDATION Technology," hosted by Control Engineering, may be downloaded from the foundation's Website.

The podcast discusses the implementation of fieldbus-based automation infrastructure to enable new levels of operational excellence. It describes how FOUNDATION fieldbus unifies open scalable integration, process integrity, and business intelligence as part of a single, plant-wide managed infrastructure.

Interviews include discussions with:

  • Darrol Weiss, City of Calgary, who talks about the city's Water Treatment Div. and its construction of a world-class utility with a complex system of water and wastewater treatment plants, water mains, reservoirs, and pump stations.
  • Chuck Hartshorn, Reichhold Inc., who describes the evolution of Reichhold's fieldbus installation from a series of retrofit projects in the late 1990s to an extensive control system and instrumentation upgrade in 2005.
  • Denny Fetters, Croda, who talks about the replacement of a legacy distributed control system (DCS) with FOUNDATION technology. Fieldbus devices were installed in a hazardous Class 1, Div. 2 area using the Fieldbus Non-Incendive Concept (FNICO).
  • Doug Dalton, Memphis Zoo, who describes the application of intelligent motor control and digital fieldbus technologies as part of an HVAC system used to control water and air quality in the zoo's wildlife exhibit.

Click here to download or listen to the podcast.

Latest "Fieldbus Report" offers wealth of information

The latest issue of the Fieldbus Foundation's Fieldbus Report contains a wealth of information about how FOUNDATION technology is "Changing the Playing Field" in industrial automation. The 36-page Fall 2007 issue, which is distributed globally, includes a wide range of editorial content targeted at professionals in the industrial automation industry.

Articles in this issue of Fieldbus Report include:

  • ECT/FDT Alliance Benefits Global Automation Industry
    Leading parties come together to establish device integration solution
  • Fieldbus vs. Hart: Device Diagnostics Make the Difference
    Powerful fieldbus features help end users manage plant assets
  • FOUNDATION Technology Expands Beyond "Early Adopters"
    Round-up of successful fieldbus applications around the world
  • Field Demos Announced for Safety Instrumented Functions
    Major automation end users to host SIF technology demonstrations
  • Host Profile Registration Process Supports Interoperability
    Host test kit and registration procedure meet industry requirements
  • High Speed Ethernet Remote I/O Progress Report
    Initiative standardizes interface of remote I/O into FOUNDATION architecture
  • Brazilian Market on the Rise as Users Embrace Fieldbus
    Technology gains acceptance in fast growing industrial region
  • Offshore Platforms Improve Process Control Performance
    Gaz de France eliminates unplanned downtime, reduces labor costs
  • Putting Fieldbus to Work in Intrinsically Safe Areas
    Chemical company installs fieldbus system in hazardous environment
  • Fieldbus Solution Highlights
    Discover the latest FOUNDATION products and services

Keep up with the latest developments in FOUNDATION technology—read the Fieldbus Report! To download, click here.

New marketing committee to promote FOUNDATION technology in Norway

The Fieldbus Foundation's new Norwegian marketing committee (FF-NO MC) will promote the adoption of FOUNDATION technology throughout the Norwegian market through end-user focused activities including training seminars, discussion forums, and trade show participation.

At its inaugural meeting, the FF-NO MC named an interim board. Members include Knut Glenna (Emerson Process Management), chairman; Even Fladberg (Endress+Hauser), secretary; Per Groenstein (Pepperl+Fuchs), treasurer/marketing; and Einar Huse (Norex/MTL), marketing officer. Other participating companies are ABB, Danyko/Turck, Honeywell, Invensys, R. Stahl, and Yokogawa (Emerson Process Management) as Chairman, Even Fladberg (Endress+Hauser) as Secretary, Per Groenstein (Pepperl+Fuchs) as Treasurer/Marketing, and Einar Huse (Norex/MTL) as Marketing Officer. Other participating companies include ABB, Danyko/Turck, Honeywell, Invensys, R. Stahl and Yokogawa.

The new group is supported by the Fieldbus Foundation EMEA Executive Advisory Council (EAC) and the Fieldbus Foundation EMEA Steering Committee. In welcoming the establishment of the committee, Marc Van Pelt, vice-president of Fieldbus Foundation EMEA Operations, said, "The demand for FOUNDATION technology within the global oil and gas and hydrocarbon processing industries is well established, but there is a particularly dynamic and strong market for new automation technology in the North Sea offshore region and Norway. The Norwegian committee will play an important role in promoting the primary value propositions of FOUNDATION technology, which include process integrity, business intelligence, and open and scalable integration of information across process manufacturing plants."

The committee's plans for 2007-2008 include exhibiting at the PA-Messen 2007 exhibition in Oslo, Oct. 9-11, 2007; developing an end-user seminar schedule; establishing a local End User Council (EUC); and forming a close working relationship with the Norwegian Industry Association for Electrotechnology and Automation (IFEA) and the Norwegian Society of Automatic Control (NFA).

For more information, email norway_info@fieldbus.org or visit the Fieldbus Foundation Website.

Foundation board adds Schneider Electric executive

Fred Cohn, director of marketing for Schneider Electric, is the newest member of the Fieldbus Foundation board of directors. Cohn replaces Claude Ricaud in the key automation industry post. Ricaud, who is assuming new responsibilities within Schneider's Power Business Unit, served on the board for the last eight years.

In addition to Cohn, other current board members include Chairman John Berra of Emerson Process Management; Kenneth Deken, Rockwell Automation; David Eisner, Honeywell; Motofumi Matsumura, Fuji; Shuzo Kaihori, Yokogawa; Jim Porter, DuPont; Dr. Gunther Kegel, Pepperl+Fuchs; Ron Szanyi, ExxonMobil; Mark Taft, ABB; Hirozume Sone, Yamatake Corp.; John Eva, Invensys; and Hans-Georg Kumpfmueller, Siemens AG.

Fieldbus Foundation President and CEO Richard Timoney congratulated Cohn on his selection to the board. "As director of marketing for Schneider's Automation Business Unit, Fred Cohn has extensive experience in the field of industrial automation," said Timoney. "He will provide a valuable contribution to our organization's board."

Cohn began his career in 1980 with Westinghouse Electric in the Industrial Sales and Marketing Group. He went on to various sales and marketing positions within Westinghouse's Automation Group, where he was responsible for programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and human-machine interface (HMI) products.

In 1986, Cohn joined Gould-Modicon (later acquired by AEG). After AEG and Schneider Electric formed a joint venture, he was chosen to lead the business unit team for large modular systems. Cohn left Schneider in 1996 to work as director of marketing for a startup company, Accent Color Sciences, chartered with launching a new line of spot color printers for data center applications.

In 2001, Cohn returned to Schneider to direct strategic marketing for its Automation Business Unit, and subsequently was named head of the company's Ethernet Systems Business Team. He is now in charge of network governance for the new System Consistency organization in the Automation Business Unit.

In 2005, Cohn was elected to the board of directors of the Modbus organization, a membership-based trade association that drives the adoption of the Modbus communication protocol suite. Since 2006, he has also served as president of that organization.

Cohn holds a B.S. degree in electrical engineering from the University of Maryland and an MBA from Babson College in Wellesley, MA.

For a listing of all the board of directors and for more information on our organization, click here.

Host Test Kit improves host-to-device integration

The Fieldbus Foundation has released its Host Test Kit DD Application Test Module. This powerful test kit, driven by the foundation's End User Advisory Council (EUAC), includes hardware and software for testing the functionality of a fieldbus host and its conformance with the FOUNDATION Host Interoperability Support Test (HIST) profile specification.

The Host Test Kit DD Application Test Module is said to improve host-to-device integration significantly. FOUNDATION fieldbus host suppliers will benefit from standardized test requirements and test cases for all hosts within a profile tested to the same requirements; standardized DD and CF files ensuring hosts can parse files; and standardized test devices for all basic I/O function blocks and specialized test transducer blocks.

The module is designed to validate host applications implementing DD Services 4.2 or greater, including DD Services 5.0 constructs such as charts, graphs, images, and waveforms for visualization; files for persistent storage of functional parameter data; and grids for vector data visualization and manipulation.

The Host Test Kit was developed in cooperation with the Fieldbus Foundation's EUAC and System Integration and Maintenance team, and was driven by end users to bring about consistent interoperability between hosts and devices regardless of the host supplier. Specifications now include profiles for functionally different hosts and the appropriate features that apply to each profile.

Under the new host registration program, hosts successfully completing the test requirements will be authorized to bear the official FOUNDATION fieldbus product registration symbol. The Fieldbus Foundation will offer the current host interoperability support test through the end of 2008. After that, the existing HIST test will be superseded by the new host registration program.

To purchase a licensed copy of the Host Test Kit DD Application Test Module, email the Fieldbus Foundation at member.services@fieldbus.org or call 512.794.8890.

Fieldbus display, seminars planned for JEMIMA in Tokyo

Fieldbus Foundation technology will be on display at the upcoming JEMIMA Instrument and Control exhibition, a major Asia/Pacific industry event set for Nov. 7-9, 2007 in Tokyo.

The event will be held at the Tokyo Big Sight International Exhibition Center in Ariake West Exhibition Hall 1 & 2. The Fieldbus Foundation will demonstrate FOUNDATION technology and conduct a series of seminars. The seminars, held daily from 4:00 to 4:45 pm in Conference Room D, will include:

  • November 7: Fieldbus Foundation Updates
  • November 8: FOUNDATION Fieldbus User Installations
  • November 9: ECT Team (EDDL)

Click here for more information about JEMIMA and the seminars.

Global events calendar: Plan now to attend Fieldbus Foundation events

The Fieldbus Foundation offers many global informational and educational events, a variety of which are listed below. Mark those that interest you on your calendars and make plans now to attend!


The Netherlands

Oct. 25, 2007 FOUNDATION Fieldbus Seminar
Click here for more information

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Oct. 31, 2007 FOUNDATION Fieldbus Seminar
Email Jonas.Berge@AP.EmersonProcess.com

Chengdu, China

Nov. 1, 2007

FOUNDATION Fieldbus Seminar
Email asia_info@fieldbus.org

Tokyo, Japan Nov. 7-9, 2007 Fieldbus Foundation participates in JEMIMA Instrument and Control Exhibition
Click here for more information
Greenville, SC Nov. 13, 2007 FOUNDATION Fieldbus Seminar
Email info@fieldbus.org
Grangemouth, Scotland Nov. 27, 2007

FOUNDATION Fieldbus End User & Engineering Contractor Seminar
Email UK_info@fieldbus.org

Delhi, India Nov. 30-Dec. 2, 2007 Fieldbus Foundation participates at the Delhi, India ISA Show
Email tmathew@ae.pepperl-fuchs.com
Bahrain Dec. 4-5, 2007 FOUNDATION Fieldbus Seminar: Multaqa 2007
Click here for more information

Reading, England

Jan. 29. 2008

Fieldbus Foundation participates at the Delhi, India ISA Show
Email UK_info@fieldbus.org

Antwerp, Belgium Feb. 27-28, 2008 Fieldbus Foundation General Assembly 2008
Click here for more information

Cardiff, Wales

Mar. 4, 2008 FOUNDATION Fieldbus End User & Engineering Contractor Seminar
Email UK_info@fieldbus.org

Last chance for 2007: Educational seminar set for Greenville, SC

The last Fieldbus Educational Seminar of the year will take place in Greenville, SC, on Nov. 13, 2007. Process industry end users and engineers are encouraged to attend the event at the Greenville Marriott and learn about "Changing the Playing Field" with FOUNDATION technology.

The one-day seminar will cover the FOUNDATION automation infrastructure, including demonstrations on open scalable integration, process integrity, and actionable business intelligence. In the afternoon, local end-users will speak about their experiences with the technology.

Attendees will receive a CD with all presentation materials, technical guides, workshop presentation handouts, and more. Participating seminar exhibitors, including ABB, Emerson Process Management, Fieldbus Center at Lee College, Honeywell, MooreHawke, MTL, Pepperl+Fuchs, Rockwell Automation, R. Stahl, Smar, TopWorx, Tri-State University (TSU), Turck, Westlock Controls, and Yokogawa, will display their latest fieldbus products and solutions.

Click here to register.

Global markets focus of upcoming ARC Advisory Group forum

"Winning Strategies and Best Practices for Global Manufacturers", ARC Advisory Group's 12th annual forum, will take place on Feb. 4-7, 2008 at the Rosen Centre Hotel in Orlando, Florida. The event addresses the extraordinary opportunities and threats created by today's global market through informative, focused presentations by best-in-class CEOs, manufacturing and automation executives, and ARC industry analysts.

Attendees will learn how top industry leaders are addressing these challenges successfully and continually improving their strategies to reach operational excellence. The conference is said to offer a high level of personal interaction in an environment exclusively focused on manufacturing.

Click here to view a list of session topics, speakers, and hotel information.

Register for the event.

For a 10% discount, type "Association" into the source code box on the registration form.

ABB's System 800xA helps Alunorte Brazil boost production

An ABB plant-wide automation system helped Alunorte Brazil boost production capacity by 75% and become the largest, most technologically advanced alumina refinery in the world. The effort, based on ABB's award-winning System 800xA Extended Automation system, equips Alunorte with the ability to control, manage, and optimize the plant's thousands of field devices, regardless of manufacturer.

The $800-million Phase III expansion consists of two new production lines that significantly raise capacity at the plant from 2.4 to 4.2 million tons of alumina a year, making it the largest alumina refinery in the world. The ABB solution for the lines integrates 35 types of intelligent field devices (protection relays, frequency converters, process analyzers, etc.) made by 11 manufacturers. The system has 18,000 I/O points using the ABB S800 I/O system, FOUNDATION fieldbus, Profibus interfaces, and 13 redundant AC800M controllers. All motor control centers interface with the system via Profibus communication and all instrumentation is handled via FOUNDATION High Speed Ethernet (HSE).

Plant personnel access the technical and operational data for all devices with the click of a mouse and perform advanced asset management procedures such as monitoring instrument performance and energy consumption. Such functions give Alunorte the ability to manage each item and ensure it is operating optimally and at a level of cost efficiency not previously possible.

For more information, visit the ABB Website.

Emerson chosen to automate BP chemical facility in China

Emerson Process Management has won a contract to digitally automate BP's Purified Terephthalic Acid (PTA) plant expansion in Zhuhai, China. Emerson will engineer and manage the automation project using the company's PlantWeb digital architecture with FOUNDATION fieldbus technology for process control and data management.

Emerson will be responsible for the detailed design, including the engineering design and implementation of the new digital architecture. From Emerson's Chemical Center of Excellence in Pudong, Shanghai, Emerson experts will plan and manage the automation portion of the project, including integrating the PlantWeb digital architecture with its advanced control, safety, and asset optimization technologies.

The PlantWeb digital architecture will use FOUNDATION fieldbus technology to form an intelligent plant network, including Emerson's Rosemount measurement and analytical instrumentation, Micro Motion Coriolis flow and density meters, Fisher control valves with Fieldvue digital valve controllers, and the DeltaV digital automation system. The company's smart SIS safety instrumented systems will also be installed on an independent network, with diagnostics communication to the process systems.

The contract includes engineering and configuration of approximately 3,000 device signal tags, control and safety systems, and integration of an existing control system. The open and highly integrated architecture will use OPC technology. On-site services include a variety of operator/user training classes and commissioning and start-up assistance.

Learn more on the PlantWeb Website.

Invensys' Field Device Manager simplifies commissioning

Invensys' new InFusion Field Device Manager integrates the capabilities of the Foxboro Field Device Manager (the first package to support both Enhanced EDDL and FDT) with the power of the InFusion Engineering Environment, making it easier than ever to commission, diagnose, and support any vendors' FOUNDATION fieldbus devices using a common engineering package and GUI.

The Field Device Manager Commissioning Wizard automates device downloading and startup to save time and minimize errors. To create a FOUNDATION fieldbus loop in the InFusion Engineering Environment, users simply drag the needed function blocks from the blocks in a template toolbox, connect the FOUNDATION fieldbus blocks to the correct device, set a few parameters based on choices detailed in the device description, and download the loop. InFusion Smart Device Templates also encourage efficient reusable engineering techniques across single or multiple plants.

Once startup and commissioning is complete, sophisticated diagnostic tools developed by the device manufacturer are available to minimize any unexpected device failures that could result in unplanned plant downtime. If a device problem should emerge, the InFusion System Manager alarms and the Field Device Manager enables comprehensive analysis right from the control room to help speed resolution and eliminate unnecessary maintenance.

Click here to find out more.

MooreHawke joins Emerson Process Management's alliance program

MooreHawke, a division of Moore Industries-International Inc., and Emerson Process Management have signed an alliance agreement to co-market MooreHawke fieldbus interface solutions through Emerson's worldwide sales network.

MooreHawke is now on Emerson's approved product list for FOUNDATION fieldbus device couplers. The company's fieldbus interface devices integrate distributed fieldbus devices with Emerson's DeltaV automation system, part of the PlantWeb digital plant architecture.

"Partnering with a company of Emerson's magnitude is a major step in the development of our fieldbus business", said Leonard Moore, Moore Industries' founder and CEO. "We are confident that this collaboration will provide interface solutions that are of great value to Emerson's fieldbus customers worldwide".

MooreHawke became a division of Moore Industries in mid-2005 when the parent purchased the fieldbus interface device business from UK-based Hawke International. Moore Industries has been called "The Interface Solution Experts" since 1968 and is considered a world leader in the design and manufacture of interface instruments for industrial process control, system integration, and factory automation.

Click here to learn more about MooreHawke fieldbus device couplers and power supplies, including Trunksafe, the first redundant fieldbus physical layer that protects important fieldbus loops..

MTL's SmartPlant cuts fieldbus segment design costs

SmartPlant, a new generation design tool from MTL, reduces the cost of designing control systems. Now, MTL/Relcom does for designing fieldbus segments what SmartPlant does natively for analog control loops.

The new utility developed by MTL Inc. and ENGglobal Automation makes it easier to design FOUNDATION fieldbus segments into a plant to import the complete range of MTL/Relcom FOUNDATION fieldbus products into SmartPlant Instrumentation version 7. MTL/Relcom products supported in the initial release include power supplies, Megablocks, surge protectors, field indicators and Entity conversion blocks.

The SmartPlant utility can be downloaded from the MTL Website. Registration for updates is recommended to stay informed about additions to the library or updates to the software. Unzip and run the downloaded file to the database (SQL server or Oracle); an administrator privilege is required. The installed library will run inside an existing SmartPlant database and provide the necessary apparatus library.

Once imported, each device or apparatus contains information about itself and the proper orientation information for Enhanced Smart Loop drawings and reports, so that when it is time to generate the necessary segment drawing for construction in the field, the Enhanced Smart Loop will have all needed information. In addition, the proper part numbers for ordering are included and available to the bill of materials application.

Learn more by visiting the MTL Website.

NI LabView environment helps develop fieldbus applications

National Instruments' (NI) LabView graphical development environment helps create flexible and scalable design, control, and test applications. Using LabView, engineers and scientists can interface with real-world signals; analyze data for meaningful information; and share results through intuitive displays, reports, and the Web.

NI-FBUS VIs for LabView let users develop FOUNDATION fieldbus-related applications in LabView. The VIs interact directly with NI-FBUS Communications Manager, which is the NI FOUNDATION fieldbus engine. NI-FBUS VIs are free to NI LabView users.

Click here to view demos and try LabView 8.5 online.
Email fieldbus.support@ni.com for more information about the latest NI-FBUS VIs.

Northwire's DataCell cable suited for rugged environments

DataCell FOUNDATION fieldbus cable from Northwire Inc., a leading manufacturer of cable for industrial networking, is intended for H1 networks in rugged plant environments using networked process automation and control.

Northwire reports it offers the only FOUNDATION fieldbus network cable rated for ITC/PLTC exposed-run (ER) applications, which allows users to eliminate conduit when the cable is installed in accordance with recent National Electrical Code (NEC) amendments. The NEC was amended to permit exposed-runs of certain ITC/PLTC. The move to no longer require metal-clad cable or conduit significantly lowers material and installation costs.

The DataCell Field line includes more than a dozen FOUNDATION fieldbus cable versions such as arctic-rated H1 that is multi-rated for ITC/PLTC and marine shipboard use. DataCell cable complies with the FOUNDATION fieldbus H1 specification for ISA SP-50 type "A." It is available in 18 AWG shielded twisted pair with a foil or braided shield, with or without ground wire, and in multi-pair versions. PVC and TPU jackets are resistant to oil, sunlight, and water, and are offered in standard and custom colors and versions.

DataCell cable ships in 15 days or less direct from the factory and in bulk quantities of 1,000 ft. minimum. Free samples are available.

Learn more by visiting the Northwire Website or calling 877-210-9945.

P+F segment protectors safeguard trunk communication

Pepperl+Fuchs' new R2 FieldConnex segment protectors allow the segment protector to be disconnected while leaving trunk communications uninterrupted to inherently prevent over-termination that can cause start-up and commission problems.

R2 segment protectors provide IP20 protection with DIN rail mounting in 4-, 6-, 8-, 10- and 12-spur configurations. They feature removable terminals with retaining screws and bright LEDs for power, communication, and short circuit status indication, and they are FM/cFM approved for Div 2/Zone 2 applications. Each spur and trunk connector features built-in test lead connections for Pepperl+Fuchs' popular mobile Advanced Diagnostics Module (ADM), eliminating the potential of shorts from incorrect wiring while connecting test leads for system diagnostics work.

Segment protectors are current limiting devices that provide an additional layer of dependability to the fieldbus network. They isolate a short and keep it from affecting the network. When the fault is repaired, the segment protector automatically resumes operation of the spur, helping to make fieldbus segments extremely reliable.

Click here to learn more about FieldConnex.

Turck I/O management solution is low cost

Spur blocks from Turck provide a low-cost way to distribute field devices for FOUNDATION fieldbus. The spur blocks can be mounted to a DIN-rail. They also contain a selector switch for segment termination, allowing the segment to be continued for distribution of instruments in other locations with no additional accessories required.

Some spur blocks also offer short circuit protection with an adjustable limit for each spur. Users may choose values between 30 and 60 mA via a rotary switch.

For more information, visit the Turck Website.


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