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From the petrochemical refineries of the U.S. Gulf Coast, to paper mills in Canada and oil & gas operations in Latin America, Foundation fieldbus is improving the business results of industrial end users throughout the Americas-and around the world.

The Americas are a key area for Foundation technology growth. To meet the needs of this expanding market, the Fieldbus Foundation provides a wealth of resources helping both developers and users "Achieve Operational Excellence with FOUNDATION Technology".

You can learn more about the performance improvements, and economic benefits, of Foundation fieldbus by downloading our Products & Services and End User brochures.


pdf Foundation Users Brochure - Download the Foundation Users Brochure




  • An Industry Standard
  • The Only Complete Interoperable Fieldbus Solution
  • Freedom to Choose Best-in-Class Devices




Download the Current Volume of the Fieldbus Report


pdf Fieldbus Report - Fall 2014

 Fieldbus Report Fall 2014
  • Foundation Merger Approved
  • Successful Seminar Program
  • Latest on Field Device Integration
  • Usability Initiative Accelerates
  • Evolution of Certified Training
  • People in Fieldbus
  • Latest Product Registrations










pdf Fieldbus Report - Spring 2014

Fieldbus Report Spring 2014
  • Foundation's 20th Anniversary
  • Progress on Usability Initiative
  • Update on Field Device Integration
  • Current ROM Developments
  • Status of DSP Program
  • Multivariable Instrument Applications
  • 2014 Scholarship Recipients
  • People in Fieldbus
  • Latest Product Registrations











pdf Fieldbus Report - Fall 2013

Fieldbus Report Fall 2013
  • Focus on Usability Continues
  • Value of Foundation for ROM
  • Future of Field Device Integration
  • Automation 2013 Demonstration
  • Global Fieldbus Project Roundup
  • People in Fieldbus
  • Green Energy Application
  • Latest Product Registrations











pdf Fieldbus Report - Spring 2013

  • 2013 General Assembly
  • Foundation ROM Press Day
  • Fieldbus: Back To Basics
  • Different Devices, Common System
  • Physical Layer Solutions
  • SIF Specification Update
  • Scholarship Anniversary
  • People In Fieldbus
  • Upcoming Events











pdf Fieldbus Report - Fall 2012

Fieldbus Report Fall 2012 supplement
  • Foundation for ROM Demos
  • Ease of Fieldbus Implementation
  • Value of Global Seminars
  • Updated Engineering Guide
  • Advances in Fieldbus Diagnostics
  • Host Registration Update
  • First Registered Device Couplers










pdf Fieldbus Report - Spring 2012 

  • General Assembly Recap
  • Foundation for ROM Press Day
  • DSP Program Update
  • 2012 Events Schedule
  • Fieldbus Market Studies
  • Global Training Activities
  • Progress on FDI
  • Fieldbus Project Roundup


pdf Fieldbus Report - Fall 2011

Fieldbus Report Fall 2011
  • Remote Operations Solution
  • Host Profile Testing
  • Latest Events Schedule
  • Foundation Growth Trend
  • Control-In-The-Field
  • Latest Registered Products


  pdf Fieldbus Report - Spring 2011

  • 2011 General Assembly
  • Latest EDDL Enhancements
  • Global Fieldbus Events
  • H1 Physical Layer Testing
  • New Segment Design Tool
  • Wireless I/O Lab Tests
  • Eastman Chemical Project









pdf Fieldbus Report – Fall 2010

 Fieldbus Report Spring 2010
  • Foundation's 16th Anniversary
  • Det-tronics: Newest Member
  • Importance of Fieldbus Training
  • FF-SIF Pilot Projects
  • Glanzer on Wireless I/O
  • EMEA Seminar Program
  • Gas de France Case Study


 pdf Fieldbus Report – Spring 2010

Fieldbus Report Spring 2010
  • 2010 General Assembly

  • Bechtel's Brown on HSE

  • Control in the Field Study

  • Developer Services Program

  • Emerging Global Markets

  • Tatum Speaks at ABB Event

  • Celulosa Arauco Case Study


 pdf Fieldbus Report – Fall 2009




  • Reliance Fieldbus Installation

  • Field Diagnostics Technology

  • Product Registration Overview

  • Lab Integration Effort

  • Fieldbus Technical Tip

  • FDI Project Report

  • New Application Note

  • Abengoa Case Study

  • Fieldbus Product Highlights












pdf Fieldbus Report – Spring 2009

Fieldbus Report Spring 2009



  • General Assembly Recap

  • First Host Registrations

  • Understanding FDI

  • Foundation for SIF Update

  • WIO Demonstrations

  • 2009 Seminar Program

  • FISCO Solution Benefits

  • Diagnostic Profiles Specification

  • Asia-Pacific Roundup

  • Fieldbus Product Highlights













pdf Fieldbus Report – Fall 2008




  • SIF Demo In Amsterdam

  • Latest DD & Spec Releases

  • DART Technology Explained

  • HSE RIO Project Update

  • Wireless Kick-off Meeting

  • Marketing Committee Activities

  • Q&A: Digital Migration

  • Bill Tatum On Global Marketing

  • Economic Case For Fieldbus

  • Middle East & Africa Roundup

  • Fieldbus Product Highlights














 pdf Fieldbus Report – Spring 2008

Fieldbus Report Spring 2008



  • General Assembly Report

  • Serbia Gas: System Integration

  • Glanzer on Foundation SIF

  • End Users Review HSI-RIO

  • NAMUR Collaboration Results

  • Registered Product Update

  • Host Registration Launched

  • Seminar Program Expanded

  • Alunorte Adopts Fieldbus

  • Latin America Roundup












pdf Fieldbus Report - Fall 2007

  • ECT & FDT Establish Alliance
  • Diagnostics: Fieldbus vs. Hart
  • Global Installation Round-up
  • Safety Demos Announced
  • Host Registration Planned
  • Remote I/O Progress Report
  • Brazilian Market on the Rise
  • Gaz de France Reports Success
  • Fieldbus In Hazardous Areas


pdf Fieldbus Report – Spring 2007 

 Fieldbus Report Spring 2007
  • Foundation: Beyond The Bus

  • Technology Growth Increases

  • Fieldbus Installation Costs

  • Emerging Digital World

  • Physical Layer Diagnostics
  • Global Seminar Program
  • SIS Progress Report
  • Fieldbus At Memphis Zoo

pdf Fieldbus Report - October Volume 2006

  • H1: Fit For Process Control
  • Justifying Fieldbus Projects
  • NAMUR Collaboration Benefits
  • Latest End User Results
  • Understanding SIL Ratings
  • Verifying HOST Interoperability
  • Segment Design Solutions
  • Migrating From HART To Fieldbus


Fieldbus Report - April Volume 2006


  • Understanding HSE Benefits
  • Top 10 Myths About Fieldbus
  • Industry Leads Advance EDDL
  • TUV Approves Safety Specifications
  • Latest Fieldbus Diagnostic Tools
  • Choosing An Isolation Technique
  • "Fast Track" To Fieldbus Training
  • Fieldbus Product Highlights And News

For a comprehensive description of the open, non-proprietary Foundation fieldbus protocol, visit our Technology Section.

Access certified fieldbus training center information, course descriptions and class schedules by visiting our Education Section.

To read the latest news from the global Foundation fieldbus community, download the Fieldbus Foundation's monthly e-newsletter, "Fieldbus Facts Online."

Download Current Fieldbus Facts Online - Newsletter

For additional information please feel free to contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

If you are interested in joining the Americas End User Council, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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